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FORM MAKER PRO - form mail & form generator suite
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Form Maker Pro


Complete Form Solution

Form Generator & formmail

  • Intuitive interface
  • WYSIWYG Form Editor
  • Automatic configuration
  • Unlimited attachments
  • Preset fields
  • Stores all data in MySQL
  • Editable templates
  • Email harvesting protection
  • Configurable auto responder
  • HTML and plain text emails
  • Preview page option
  • Thank you page option
  • Math Calculations in forms

Form Maker Pro Overview

Whatever they call it: form builder, form creator or form generator, you found it. The Form Maker Pro is truly the snazziest web application for creating usable and great-looking web site forms. With its powerful and intuitive interface you can easily build custom web forms and add them to your site. It has never been so fast and easy.
Moreover, Form Maker Pro contains presets and templates, so you can have a simple form created and running in 10 minutes only!

Numerous clients confirmed that Form Maker Pro is a perfect solution if you need:

* Contact form, feedback form, or simple form-to-email;
* Evaluation form, form with file attachments;
* Registration form, multiple page application form, online survey;
* Order form with math calculations, online subscription form.

Using Form Maker Pro, you can create any kind of web forms for your web site. Let your imagination drive it.

Aside from graphic WYSIWYG form editor, Form Maker Pro contains advanced form processor module that automatically handles all forms you create. From technical point, Form Maker Pro supports many useful features, such as SSL (protocol for secure data transferring), email harvesting protection, in-built data search, filters, and export to CSV and/or MySQL.

Finally, once you purchase Form Maker Pro, you own it forever. No matter how many web forms you create with it, you don’t need to pay annoying monthly fees or upgrade to more expensive payment plans.

Form Processor Pro


Form to email script

Create web forms in your favorite HTML editor, then configure form processing with our Form Processor Pro. Form to email, auto responder, multiple output and more useful features.

Available in PHP and Perl versions

Form Processor Pro Overview

As compared to Form Maker Pro, it’s cheaper, requires more manual configuration and does not create web forms. Instead, it works with web forms you created with your favorite html editor (e.g. Macromedia DreamWeaver). Form Processor Pro handles web forms on your site, sending form data to specified email accounts. All data can be exported in CVS format. With Form Processor Pro in your hand you can configure finest form-to-mail settings, such as conditional sending, data sorting, file attachment, environment settings and plenty of other useful features.

Let numbers speak for its success: over 4500 users worldwide are using Form Processor Pro today! Take a closer look at Form Processor Pro now!

Support Software

Helprace is a support software that offers a scalable community built for accommodating your user base and guiding customer communication.


Customer Quote

No more headache with web forms for my web sites because I have found the remedy - Form Maker Pro.

Alfredo Larach, Italy

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